The greatest enemy is not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge. The real understanding of driver behavior needs to be conclusive. Knowing the braking, accelerating, engine speed and accelerometer position are just information that does not generate business results, do not actually conclude something with expertise, do not have a value proposition that supports a product.
Data in excess
Meaningless correlations
Inappropriate technologies


In the smart city context, and specifically smart mobility and smart people, Yello's quality, flexibility, and business model becomes a valuable tool. Quantify performance and efficiency by the driver behavior, creates opportunities to reduce consumption, spending, and risks, increasing economy and safety. # Optimization and simplification of Fleet Management; # Monitoring the quality levels of Public Transport; # Creation of Pay How You Drive (PHYD) products, and; # Measurement and Risk Management (Insurance); are some applications of Yello technology.

Technology Licensing

Yello technology helps your customers to act smarter.
We have created a technology that delivers 16x more accuracy than the technology used a large scale to understand driver behavior. Therefore, the result generates many opportunities for efficient application and correlation with risk and expense management, for example.
Business Model
We have two fundamental pillars: collaboration with the client; and the preservation of technology control (intellectual property). Yello focuses on the generation and development of ideas, leaving the activities of the final part of the value chain with the client-partner. Yello generates value for our client's customer.
Yello can collect data from the embedded code in specific App-partner used by the driver, or by the passenger, or embedded in vehicle telemetry hardware; or connected (API) on fleet management platform, or API for other Apps to send the data.


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Normano Ribeiro


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Augusto Borella


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